Thursday, August 29, 2013

Another week has past, and a blessing has come to me.

After all the hard luck last week,  I told someone I thought maybe it was a lessen or test and I sure hope I passed!..

I got groceries today, and the new folks in the neighborhood had a garage sale, I did not stop on the way to store, and did not plan to on the way home, I just have too much "stuff"...

 then I pulled in just that quick. she had log cabin siding I have wanted for ever! and she has enough to do at least one wall maybe 2 in the new room. 25 boards 15 ft long. for 75.00!!! and her husband will hang them for me! I wanted to get that wafer board covered and did not want to spend a bundle on a short wall!

to me this is such a blessing!!!!

Pictures once it is done.


  1. I haven't seen it finished yet. Can't wait

    1. hi, Adriane, I have pics posted, but can not get to them now, My desktop is waiting for parts, then I will come back and post pics for you.

    2. Can you see the images now,? plus there is a slide show further down saying Sun Room Walls, hope you can see the finished project.