Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday after Thanksgiving.

this Thanksgiving I had a lot to be very thankful for.  Early in the month, I saw my husband have some kind of episode... when we called the dr, they said to go right to the cardiac dr. who was going to do a cath the following Monday.  (we went on Wednesday.)

  After she saw some of the tests results, we were schelduled for the cath the very next day, and it showed Dan had 99% blocked main artery, and 80 % blocked in another, and many small arteries were blocked.  So, 2 stents were placed in the arteries, a drug protocol in place for about a year,  and he is doing very well.

 I  am very thankful this year for many things, but more than anything, that he was sitting at my table this year.  and, by the way... so was He. :)

It was a productive few days for me, I got lots done and almost done with the outside yard clean up for the winter.  we got my lovely hummingbird swing in the spare stall all covered, and the chairs for the table in there, I have the glass topped table in the family room so I can craft in front of the TV.

there is still hoses to drain and one last water garden to close up,  must get to that since the weather is to hit the 20's and snow this week-end.

I am thankful for my friends and family that I have left and all my rescued furkins.

I am thankful for some dear friends that stepped in and helped me when I really needed help in the last few  weeks,  I am very blessed to have them.

May you all enjoy and acknowledge your treasures.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


A lot has happened since I was here last, my husband was having what he called  "episodes".. I saw one and I finally got him in to a dr.,  who promptly had him admitted and I am sure saved his life.  He now has 2 stents in arteries that one was 100% blocked.  He is on the mend and feeling so much better. 

I am still stressed at how close I came to losing him, while also trying to pick up the slack in all chores and yard work, plus watch him with out "hovering".

My time has been taken up with heart healthy recipes and changes in our life.

soon I hope to really post more regularly.

Blessings to all.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Batch of barn kittens10-09


10-27-08 feeding kittens

Well, today starts with a head ache, from stress I am sure, we lost the cute little long haired blond kitten yesterday. The other seven seem to be better then ever, I have them on vet meds and antibiotics.

I went into the sun room this morning and was met with 28 little paws all screaming pick me! pick me! pick me!, to be held and cuddled first.

So you pick up an armload and put your nose to each and let them purrrrr so loud you think they are an engine revving up!.

After cleaning pans, it is feeding time, I can't even explain the loud screams for FEED ME! and jumping up my legs and climbing up to my shoulders as I mix up their food.

such sweet, sweet angels.

Now I need the Lord to help us find forever loving homes, and soon!

have a great day!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

It is Sunday the 25th of Oct 2009, where did this year go?

Sorry I have not posted, we took in 8 4-5 week old barn babies and they are so much work.

I am blessed to have the Sun room as a nursery, and the Cat house out back for those that just are not house cats.

We have a cat fence 8 ft. high in the back for them to play. on rainy days we have a "jungle gym" of sorts in the cat house, and we are always thinking of safe new things to add to give them something to do.

one of the babies is weak and all the vet meds and instructions are not really helping, we think the Kitty Angels we'll be visiting soon. :( for now we are holding him and cooing so he is not alone, the other babies don't cuddle with him.

we have wood to stack, wood to cut and we are not spring chickens so I guess we take things one day at a time and it all gets done.

for today, you all have a great day.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rainy Sat.

it is raining out so I hope we can get some maintenance done on the shed where the outside kitties are kept safe. we have an 8 foot high fence in place so they get to go out and run and play and climb trees yet be safe from predators.

It is fun to watch them come barreling out when I open the doors, and equally fun to see them follow me like the pied piper when I call out "time to eat".

I am happy I am blessed to care for them but I am getting older and each winter it is a bit harder on me to get out into the deep snow and get to the shed.

But I will do it with love in my heart as long as I am able to.

many blessings to all


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sept 19th 2009

Good Morning to all. I have had a run of lovely days and busy with tinctures, fruit butters, jams, and friends. Tonight we have a campfire planned just to rid some yard waste and near by friends are stopping by. I have much to do today, but decided to have a cuppa with my ONE follower.... Sam! (big smile).

Kas visited twice while she was in Ohio, she is from Minn.
Dawn and Don were here and we had a wonderful time last week-end and I hope to have a few more nice nights before it gets crazy cold.

Richard and Shirley may be out this week-end, and Bill and Norma are coming tonight.

Of course I also have the daily litany of kittie chores and my horse is growing a lovely winter coat, he always looks like dappled black velvet.

So you see how busy I can be..... once the weather changes I will be much more regularly up dating. oh then I start on my crafting. I love to craft. if I figure out how to post images I will share some with you.

I love Fall, the vibrant colors and the cool nights... I also love Spring and Summer and Winter. Maybe it is just that I love to be alive and appreciate things of natural beauty.

well, Hubs has my breakfast ready, care to join us? butter muffins with cinnamon and honey, farm fresh eggs from happy chickens that roam free, OJ and coffee. I'd love to have you at my table!

Have a wonderful week-end.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy Week-end

I have been missing the time to blog here, we had the swine flu here for almost 2 weeks, (I started with it 8-31) thankfully we had it mild according to some we have compared notes with.

I have had a few really busy weeks, got the girls all squared away, then took the 3 males up this past Fri. 9-11, and had them done and vax'd.... later that afternoon my Blacksmith came and gave me great news for my old horse.... and I even got to ride him this week-end.

Saturday, I saw my girlfriend as she was down from Minnesota and it is always too little time when she can visit.... but we did watch Glenn Beck and the march on DC.

they pulled out and we had friends stop and sat around a small campfire and chatted till about midnight. it was a wonderful, relaxing end to an equally wonderful day.

My other girlfriend is up from Fla. so I am hoping we connect before she has to go back.

all this and I am busy as ever trying to keep my community forum up to date, and making my tinctures and harvesting the fall herbs, and making my lotions.

oh yeah.... there are 3 long haired kittens born in my barn and they are looking for loving indoor homes. me-ow!!!

Blessings and have a great evening.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Saturday!

I had to have the 3 little females up at the vets for spaying yesterday at 7 am, picked them up at 4... I was getting concerned as they just were not coming out of it .

but I have them in the "infirmary" (sun room) and after they gave me a scare last night, they are all looking a lot better this morning, and ate a bit.

Today I need to be in here and get some cleaning done. ...with the herbs coming ready and me drying and tincturing and playing nurse maid, I am running out of time by the end of the day.

have a great Sat.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Healing

Well, my free day turned into a wonderful visit from my friend in a near by town about 30 minutes away. We relaxed in the back, had fresh squeezed lemonade, and watched the kitties play inside the fence.

(This is the friend that also rescues cats and it was she and her hubby helped me get the fence up so the babies would be safe.)

We shared our energy with each other and walked around looking at the herbs and plants, and she stated she had a pain in her back giving her sleepless nights and restrictive movements.

I did a bit of Reiki and Quantum Healing, and aura cleanse, and she said she felt better.

(Note, I never take the credit for any healing that flows through me to others, since I am simply the human aspect used to work His Miracles.)

here is the email I got from her today.

Thank you for the Healing.... My back was so bad,I couldn't stand or sit for any length of time.

This went on for two weeks. After your Quantum Healing, I feel great! I had no pain getting in and out of the car, housecleaning, taking care of the kitties. I even was digging in the dirt last night!!!

It is so nice to be free of the hurting... Being able to get back into my routine is wonderful.

Thank you so much!!!


I always feel blessed when I am used to help others.

May you be embraced by angels


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I slept like a rock and am not moving fast today, but it is a "free" day once I get the animals cared for and I am washing linens since it is so lovely out today. I hope everyone is able to enjoy a bit of today. Yesterday is over and Tomorrow never comes. :)
(My Dad told me that)


Monday, August 24, 2009

the best laid plans

I have had a very busy couple of days, thought I was getting company tomorrow so I got all the weeding done, got the yard mowed, and cleaned up the area, and made some good fixings, and they emailed and had to cancel out until next week. Soooooo I guess I will see what the angels might have in mind for me tomorrow.... do I dare hope it is a quiet day and I can relax in a nice clean, serene get away! just out back in the court yard with the birds and the water gardens, oh yea, and kitties wanting to be scratched and held. maybe I will crochet, or read a book, or... maybe not!

I woke today at 5 am and could not get back to sleep so after a busy day of making lotions and tinctures, I think I will be turning in very soon.

good night or good morning! (depending on what side of the world you are on! :) )


Monday, August 17, 2009

it was an "herby" day

it was hot! very hot. I don't "do" hot very well I got the kitties all taken care of, and my horse wiped down with a cold cloth and concentrated on working on the dried herbs on the racks. The kitchen smelled of peppermint and bermagot, lavender and a bit of lemon balm. the Sweet Annie is not ready yet and that always messes up my sinuses.

I checked out the grape vines, they are fully loaded this year so besides juice I might try to make grape jelly, never tried it before.

it was 96 and felt like 105 so I basically stayed in side unless I had to go out.

I made several bottles of Lavender vinegar to seep for gift giving later.

I'll try to blog more often, I am still very new at this. :)

blessings to all

Monday, August 10, 2009

My first blog post

I was never intending to make a blog page, but decided what the heck! I will try to post something a few times a week, but as pet rescuers, many times our time is not our own.

So, I thought this might be a good way for me to share what is going on with us when it seems we have fallen off the face of the earth.

many blessings to old friends, current friends, and new friends.