Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wed. 7-14-10

Bright sunny day here.  Sat on the swing and called my girlfriend that is 1/2 hour away.  She rescues kitties to, and is having a hard time right now, some of hers are needing to cross the bridge.

We try so hard when they are brought to us, we show them love, kindness,  and we give meds and baths to messy little bottoms when there is no momma cat to care for them. Some don;t make it, others go on and thrive and are adopted into forever homes...some have special needs and we take extra care with them so they stay healthy and most adjust and show us humans over and over that there is a strong will to live in all God's creatures.

Then when we see that they are aging or in distress and even a vet will say "there is only so much we can do.", that hard decision has to be made.  It is made with a heavy heart that Love has filled beyond the rim of each cup, and it is never easy to say, it is time.

No matter how much we try, some are just not mean to be with us long.  My thoughts and prayers are with my friend for the decisions she has to make soon. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Progress on Kitchen re do

I started working on my kitchen last month, and slowly it is coming along.  here is some photos of what is done, still have to finish up trims and then onto the counters and sink.  we are not sure if we'll paint the counters or just get new installed.  I am hoping to insert the slideshow.  you can also go to webshots.

Kitchen re do