Wednesday, August 29, 2018

My goodness it's been a long while!  A lot has been going on in the last several yrs.  There is always so much to do when you have animals, and the last 3 years I was also caregiver to my husband of 32 years.         
He passed away in January, so now you know why this blog has not been updated.

Hopefully I can get discipline d enough to get back to it.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I am on the laptop, so I hope I can add photos here for Adriane.

here is a photos of the log cabin siding on the wall, I tried to get one before and after, and as we were putting it up, and then I put several non yellowing coats of poly on the walls, that leaves open the option of painting the wood down the road...but WHO would want to???

Hope this come through.

Friday, October 11, 2013

We had to wait on our friends scheldule to install and then I had to clear coat the walls, I am so loving this!  so, even though it is not all done, here is a slideshow of the room:

Sun Room Walls

I had fun decorating it with Halloween....can't wait to see what I come up with for the Holidays!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Another week has past, and a blessing has come to me.

After all the hard luck last week,  I told someone I thought maybe it was a lessen or test and I sure hope I passed!..

I got groceries today, and the new folks in the neighborhood had a garage sale, I did not stop on the way to store, and did not plan to on the way home, I just have too much "stuff"...

 then I pulled in just that quick. she had log cabin siding I have wanted for ever! and she has enough to do at least one wall maybe 2 in the new room. 25 boards 15 ft long. for 75.00!!! and her husband will hang them for me! I wanted to get that wafer board covered and did not want to spend a bundle on a short wall!

to me this is such a blessing!!!!

Pictures once it is done.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

What a difference a week can make in your life.   I have just had a week that I am sure I do not wish to repeat anytime soon.  It seemed to never end,  but thankfully and through the Grace and Mercy of God, I did.

I will just post a summary, and then let it go.  I do want to remember the trials, to look back and see how strong I really am with the Lord to lean on in times of such struggle and sadness.

For those that do not know, we have rescued dogs, cats, horses, birds and a few kids along the last 35 yrs.  we are winding down and just have the remaining cats that have not been able to be placed, either they have special needs, or just over population.  We believe strongly in spay and neuters, and try to find homes for those that tame up, the others we do the trap,neuter release.  so from there , my week started....

Monday, we dealt with a box of kittens, finding them in the hay mow,  

Tuesday, we buried a feral we caught, vetted and neutered, then we were getting him ready to find a forever home, 

Wednesday, the Angel lady in town accepted the box of kittens, and Wednesday night through till Thursday morning, we had over 5000 yellow jackets decide to drop into the family room for an over night stay, (till the bug man came!)

Thursday I shared this on my forum:

the kittens got taken, and vetted, and all were sick and had to cross the bridge., the yellow jackets got escorted quickly to the great hive in the sky, and after cleaning yesterday and today, cleaning anything I had used around the kittens with bleach, and then having to wash all laundry or cloth items that the exterminators hit with the killing dust, scrubbing walls and floors, today was hard cause I am in a major pain flare. gee, wonder why? anyway... I will not say more, so as not to jinx anything.. just plan to have a very quiet week-end.. you know just to recoup! But I bounce back and will be fine in a few! just wanted to update to all you that commented. (((hugs)) to you all.

(Sad to say, that was not the end to my week, yet.....)

Saturday morning, I felt Oliver's glands and neck swollen...
well today (Saturday) was going to be my rest and re coup day, only woke to find one of the special needs cats is sick with swollen glands have to get to vet at noon. more later.

back from vets.....
I can not believe what I am about to write. We took Oliver (3 yrs old) to vets, and he had Lymphoma, and was suffering, so we just buried him with all our beloved fur family.
I can not wrap my head around what is happening.....
Sunday I shared with my on line family, my thought on the last week.

Good Sunday Morning to all! We just had a big brunch, the kitties are all settled and the weather is beautiful.
Yesterday was rough but I don't fight the grief like I used to, I allow myself the time to have a cry (which I never used to afford myself) and then I wipe my tears and see all the blessings and goodness I have to be thankful for.

Plus, I know that death is but a transition and  I am blessed with gifts many do not have, so I usually get a visit  from them before they go on about their business!
I do believe this is the  beginning of being freed up so I can get on with my real purpose, metaphysical and spiritual lessons and teachings for those now awakening.
The pain is but a passing thing, the love in my heart for each one of them, is eternal.

I am sorry I have been such a Debbie Downer this whole week, but honestly, I could barely believe how it just never seemed to stop.  I thank you all that showed me support and love through this past week.

I love you all!

now go out and ENJOY this day the Lord has made!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I have been been busy with the cats, crafts, friends and family, and gardens in the last year... and I celebrated a nice round birthday with some dear friends.  I turned 60!

My 60th Birthday

I am the one in the black and white blouse.

Wow, it's been about a year again.  it is funny how fast time goes by, and another week, month or year flies by!
I guess I am too busy living life right now to sit for too long and post everyday things.  I think I will try to clean up this blog a bit, I see some links are no longer working so I will fix those and then  try very hard to post at least twice a week.  In the mean time, I hope everyone that visits my blog is enjoying the end of summer.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's a beautiful Sunday.  where does the time go?  I thought I was just here updating but it has been another yr.

today you can see the leaves just starting to show signs of colors, and there is a soft breeze from the south keeping the weather a bit warmer than comfortable.

After working in the Cat shelter, and washing some blankets for them, we are going to make some sherbet.

very easy recipe I got off a forum many years ago, and I can't remember who posted it, so I can't give the credit to them.  but I have modified it several ways so I will add those , too.  enjoy.

Orange Sherbet
2 cans sweetened condensed milk
1 can (small round) of crushed pineapple
6 cans of Orange Crush. 
that's it!
fill your freezer and crank or plug in :)

(almost heaven vanilla)
6 cans cream soda and
2 cans of sweetened condensed milk

Grrreat grape!
6 cans Grape Crush
2 cans Sweetened condensed Milk
(pineapple is optional.) we did it with and with out.

be adventurous!
2 cans of the sweet milk and try :

Root Beer
Peach (was very good with and with out pineapple)

if you tried out something let me know how it was!

Enjoy the last month of Summer.