Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Batch of barn kittens10-09


10-27-08 feeding kittens

Well, today starts with a head ache, from stress I am sure, we lost the cute little long haired blond kitten yesterday. The other seven seem to be better then ever, I have them on vet meds and antibiotics.

I went into the sun room this morning and was met with 28 little paws all screaming pick me! pick me! pick me!, to be held and cuddled first.

So you pick up an armload and put your nose to each and let them purrrrr so loud you think they are an engine revving up!.

After cleaning pans, it is feeding time, I can't even explain the loud screams for FEED ME! and jumping up my legs and climbing up to my shoulders as I mix up their food.

such sweet, sweet angels.

Now I need the Lord to help us find forever loving homes, and soon!

have a great day!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

It is Sunday the 25th of Oct 2009, where did this year go?

Sorry I have not posted, we took in 8 4-5 week old barn babies and they are so much work.

I am blessed to have the Sun room as a nursery, and the Cat house out back for those that just are not house cats.

We have a cat fence 8 ft. high in the back for them to play. on rainy days we have a "jungle gym" of sorts in the cat house, and we are always thinking of safe new things to add to give them something to do.

one of the babies is weak and all the vet meds and instructions are not really helping, we think the Kitty Angels we'll be visiting soon. :( for now we are holding him and cooing so he is not alone, the other babies don't cuddle with him.

we have wood to stack, wood to cut and we are not spring chickens so I guess we take things one day at a time and it all gets done.

for today, you all have a great day.