Sunday, December 19, 2010

Family Christmas with Heather

My Daughter's family came today!

 Dinner was wonderful, pork tenderlion, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, green beans, applesause, spiced cider,  and all kinds of sweet.... and  Kendra(2 yrs) sat in a "big people" chair and smiled all during dinner! cleaned her plate too.  she loved her baby alive and the loving family mini van the best.  when she opened the sleepers  she thought we were going to make her go to bed, I told her every time she wears them, all snuggly cuddly, to remember it is like a big gramma hug!

 Joey got a cereal box with a camo cooler.. and in side was cash... he wanted more cereal boxes! hahaha Jeffrey like his stuff and I know Steve and Heather liked theirs.

Heather got me some books.. and she had found an interview my dad gave in 92... and she made a little booklet with the interview printed out, ..that will be one of my most treasured things this year.

now to do this all over again Monday after Christmas with Danny, Kelly and the girls.

it feels like they were here only for 3 minutes and then time to go.... Steve had broken out in welts   sigh....:(