Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sept 19th 2009

Good Morning to all. I have had a run of lovely days and busy with tinctures, fruit butters, jams, and friends. Tonight we have a campfire planned just to rid some yard waste and near by friends are stopping by. I have much to do today, but decided to have a cuppa with my ONE follower.... Sam! (big smile).

Kas visited twice while she was in Ohio, she is from Minn.
Dawn and Don were here and we had a wonderful time last week-end and I hope to have a few more nice nights before it gets crazy cold.

Richard and Shirley may be out this week-end, and Bill and Norma are coming tonight.

Of course I also have the daily litany of kittie chores and my horse is growing a lovely winter coat, he always looks like dappled black velvet.

So you see how busy I can be..... once the weather changes I will be much more regularly up dating. oh then I start on my crafting. I love to craft. if I figure out how to post images I will share some with you.

I love Fall, the vibrant colors and the cool nights... I also love Spring and Summer and Winter. Maybe it is just that I love to be alive and appreciate things of natural beauty.

well, Hubs has my breakfast ready, care to join us? butter muffins with cinnamon and honey, farm fresh eggs from happy chickens that roam free, OJ and coffee. I'd love to have you at my table!

Have a wonderful week-end.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy Week-end

I have been missing the time to blog here, we had the swine flu here for almost 2 weeks, (I started with it 8-31) thankfully we had it mild according to some we have compared notes with.

I have had a few really busy weeks, got the girls all squared away, then took the 3 males up this past Fri. 9-11, and had them done and vax'd.... later that afternoon my Blacksmith came and gave me great news for my old horse.... and I even got to ride him this week-end.

Saturday, I saw my girlfriend as she was down from Minnesota and it is always too little time when she can visit.... but we did watch Glenn Beck and the march on DC.

they pulled out and we had friends stop and sat around a small campfire and chatted till about midnight. it was a wonderful, relaxing end to an equally wonderful day.

My other girlfriend is up from Fla. so I am hoping we connect before she has to go back.

all this and I am busy as ever trying to keep my community forum up to date, and making my tinctures and harvesting the fall herbs, and making my lotions.

oh yeah.... there are 3 long haired kittens born in my barn and they are looking for loving indoor homes. me-ow!!!

Blessings and have a great evening.