Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday after Thanksgiving.

this Thanksgiving I had a lot to be very thankful for.  Early in the month, I saw my husband have some kind of episode... when we called the dr, they said to go right to the cardiac dr. who was going to do a cath the following Monday.  (we went on Wednesday.)

  After she saw some of the tests results, we were schelduled for the cath the very next day, and it showed Dan had 99% blocked main artery, and 80 % blocked in another, and many small arteries were blocked.  So, 2 stents were placed in the arteries, a drug protocol in place for about a year,  and he is doing very well.

 I  am very thankful this year for many things, but more than anything, that he was sitting at my table this year.  and, by the way... so was He. :)

It was a productive few days for me, I got lots done and almost done with the outside yard clean up for the winter.  we got my lovely hummingbird swing in the spare stall all covered, and the chairs for the table in there, I have the glass topped table in the family room so I can craft in front of the TV.

there is still hoses to drain and one last water garden to close up,  must get to that since the weather is to hit the 20's and snow this week-end.

I am thankful for my friends and family that I have left and all my rescued furkins.

I am thankful for some dear friends that stepped in and helped me when I really needed help in the last few  weeks,  I am very blessed to have them.

May you all enjoy and acknowledge your treasures.